Sunday, April 7, 2013

Catching up on my "Use Every Stamp" Challenge

There were 7 challenges that I posted back in the beginning of February that I wanted to complete this year and I've made some progress but in the process of getting organized, I seem to have added and organized a few items that weren't on my original list.  So out of the original 7 + 3 unexpected additions, I've completed 6.
1) Cricut die cuts are organized.  After doing this, I'm now determined to use them or toss them.  (These are cuts left over after I've completed something - usually a wrong size or color.)
2) I organized my ribbon again.  I put the smaller spools on the paper spools that someone recommended with the intention of putting them in boxes but found that that took up more room than my original method of keeping ribbon so as I use up the ribbon on the spools, I will go back to keeping them on dowels on the wall.  It's easier to see what I have.

3) I keep my embossing folders in a notebook.  However, I made a 4 inch tag and embossed each tag with the folder.  I've numbered each tag and corresponding folder so now I can pull out the tags, see an embossed image and then find the corresponding embossing folder in the notebook.

4)  Because this is working so well for me, I did the same with all my punches.  On each punch tag I have a punched image, the name of the punch and the manufacturer.  I have a basket for all Fisker, Stamping Up, Martha Stewart punches.  The EK Success and all other miscellaneous punches are in the same basket.  (This is one of the added projects)

5) I have a Cricut Imagine and a lot of the cartridges for the Imagine.  On each cartridge, there are 20 patterned papers.  I decided to make a tag of each of the patterned papers to that I would know what I had.  300+ tags later ( and 3 days!) I now have a cute little tag of each patterned paper in each cartridge.  I was surprised at the number of cute papers I have.  (This is number 2 in the added projects.)  At some point in time I may have to do the same with the digital papers I have.

6) A couple of days ago, I saw this really cute project from on organizing paper scraps.  I liked it so well, that I've organized all my scraps using her technique. I consider anything smaller than a 6x6 a scrap.  My 6x6 papers are in a small 6inch bin.  I will cut any used paper in to a 6x6 square which is a good size to use either on my machines or for card fronts.

So left is organizing my ink and stamps.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the ink.  I have it both in a Stampin' Up ink holder and in a drawer.

I've been avoiding the stamps so I've decided to unmount the wood stamps that aren't Stampin' Up sets and put them into CD cases.  I'll do the same with the acrylic stamps that aren't in cases or envelopes (CTMH).  I've actually ordered the CD cases from Amazon and will get this done!

As for #1 on my list, use every stamp, I'm using both stamps and cartridges that I haven't used on cards.  This one will be an ongoing, forever and ever goal.

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